“Very Vaidika” – your one stop solution for all your quarantine blues!

"Very Vaidika" - your one stop solution for all your quarantine blues!

After burning the screen with her on-screen appearances in the popular SabTV serial “Bhakharwadi”, Vaidika Senjaliya now brings her viewers a new Instagram segment to follow her lifestyle and give them an insider’s glimpse into her skincare and fitness routines. “VERY VAIDIKA”, her fun insta live segment will feature everything from stay at home fitness tips to skincare recipes, and be rest assured, they come with Vaidika’s bright and humourous personality which viewers can enjoy from the comfort and safety of their homes.

“Quarantine life is hard, so let’s not be so hard on ourselves too! We all deserve a bit of self love, both mentally, emotionally, and physically. I plan to give my fans exactly that and more. I want to be their gym buddy, their agony aunt and family, as I understand that not everyone has their loved ones around”, she quotes.

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Vaidika is proof of making the best use of her circumstances. Having risen to fame in the world of TV a on her own, she now wants her fans to do the same by inspiring and motivating them. “No gym, no problem!” she says as she advocates easy bodyweight workouts, homemade healthy recipes and mental health as a priority during these difficult times.

We look forward to seeing her as “Very Vaidika” on Insta Live soon and frequently!

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