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Vazandar Marathi Movie Review : Sai and Priya steal the show in “ ”


Vazandar is a thorough entertainer just as the trailers promise. Sachin Kundalkar has once again come up with an out and out commercial and feel good movie that encapsulates simple subject of two young girls , over weight and emotionally troubled, trying to overcome their biggest weakness. Vazandaar is simple, funny and delighting. The only aim behind making this film is making the audience feel light (contrast to the title Vazandaar itself) and as the film succeeds at this, there is no need we try to find philosophical meanings to the story. The biggest high light is the performances of the two leading actresses. Sai Tamhankar and Priya Bapat, who are established actresses in their own league, have proved their talents yet again.

The plot and story line: Vazandar is the story of two friends Pooja and Kaveri who share the same plight- obesity. Kaveri is married in a traditional family while Pooja is still studying. The two girls become thick friends. One day they decide to shun all inhibitions and let loose. They join a party and begin to dance their heart out. In their enthusiasm they climb on a table and fall down breaking it which creates a very embarrassing situation for them. To add to their wound, the video goes viral and they become extremely humiliated as they suffer with their self image trying to find some respect for themselves despite of being overweight. In this quest, they end up not just discovering their own beauty sans all norms of social acceptability but also the fact that no matter what your size is, life is still beautiful and precious. The total focus is on the two female characters while the male leads get very little space to show themselves. The story evolves in an interesting way and it is narrated in the form of flashback. An interviewer visits the girls and the story is narrated to him in flashback mode.

The loopholes: Exaggerating simple issue is a technique to add humor to the concept. This technique is little bit over used and that kind of annoys the audience at times. Second, the style of narrating a story in flashback has been overused so many times in Bollywood and Marathi films so many times, that there is no excitement felt in this now. There are too many clichéd images in narration style that the film loses it freshness at many places.

Performances: Sai and Priya have come out all laurels in this film. It is difficult to tell who is better of the two as the characters are very different and well suited to their personalities. Sai moves one step ahead in her evolution as an actress with this character of Kaveri who touches us with her simplicity and power of expression. Priya, on the other hand gives a clean performance with the knack of a seasoned actor. It is easy to portray glamorous characters but the difficult task is to ply the girl next door ones. Both the girls carry this film on their able shoulders. The male actors Siddharth Chandekar and Chirag Patil too are good.

Technical aspects: Vazandar is near perfect in all the technical aspects. Sachin Kundalkar’s direction is smart and innovative. His knack to make simple feel good has once again been showcased.

The music, composed by Avinash- Vishwajit trio, is soothing as well as catchy. The songs are already a hit amongst the Marathi audience. The lyrics penned by Omkar Kulkarni is unconventional and fresh.

The screenplay and editing are decent and the script is smartly written by Sachin Kundalkar.

Final Word: Vazandar is a delighting watch for a de-stress this weekend. It is a must watch for the two lead performances.

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