Monday, November 29, 2021
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Varun Dhawan says, It’s an extremely serious issue and we really need to create awareness on this topic” while talking about the violence against doctors

Since the Coronavirus pandemic, we hear a lot of news about doctors getting beaten up or harrassed by common people. Sad but true, these news hurt us everytime we hear something that should not have happened to the doctors, who are working day and night to try to make the nation covid-free.

Many people and even the celebrities keep taking about this and condemn about the violence against the doctors. Recently, actor Varun Dhawan was in a live Instagram video with Orthopedist Dr. Manan Vora. He talked about this issue and said, “It’s an extremely serious issue and we really need to create awareness on this topic. The second wave has not been easy on anyone, I’ve had at least seven family members who got COVID during this phase and it’s very stressful for the family. So, I understand when it happens but it is unfair on doctors, who are treating you, who are there to cure you day and night, to go through this.”

“I don’t think doctors are overreacting, it is unfortunate that we need to talk about this and create awareness about something like this. Woh doctor infected patients se jaake mil raha hai, apni family se nahi mil raha hai, bina break liye kaam kar rahe hain PPE kits mein and we are attacking them if we lose a loved one. It is wrong. People need to understand that it is not their fault, this disease is still new, people are understanding it. But you can’t harass doctors, you can’t attack doctors, you just can’t do that,” Varun said while talking to Dr. Vora.

Varun and Dr. Vora also spoke about protecting doctors from angry and grieving relatives of patients by setting up better infrastructures like ICU and CCTV cameras. The Badlapur actor also spoke about the death of his aunt who was on the ventilator for over a month in Chicago. To this, the doctor highlighted the importance of grief counselling for relatives.

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