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Uvaa Movie Review: Woeful, Atrocious, and Complete Waste Of Money

This Friday belongs to low budget films, which of course include Uvaa starring all the young boys along with few veteran actors. These include Mohit Baghet, Lavin Gothi, Rohan Mehra, Bhupendra Singh Megh in the lead roles, while Rajit Kapoor, Om Puri and Jimmy Sheirgill are seen in supporting roles. The film is a youth comedy drama directed by Jasbir B Bhaati, while the story comes from the same person only. The film is produced a slew of people under the banner of Dhanraj Films. The run time of the film is around two hours. Now, let’s have a look inside this film and find out the gist of it as under:

The Plot

It is a film of five inseparable friends called Ram, Anil, Salman, Deenbandhu and Vikram played by Vikrant Roy, Rohan Mehra, Mohit Baghel, Meghvrat Singh and Lavin Gothi respectively. They are based in a small village in UP close to the national capital. They are known for leading a carefree life with the world at their feet and are often seen stomping all the things coming their way without caring for its consequences. However, when they are expelled from their school, their parents decide to send them to a posh English speaking school in one of the suburbs of Delhi in Faridabad, which bring in several challenges before these spoil brats.

Having being admonished by all their teachers on a daily basis who are just sick of their constant trouble-making and on the other hand, they keep on worrying girls in the class, disrupting the whole classrooms and lessons, often coming late and getting punished, have become their bread and butter of their lives. So, when they are seen surviving and thriving only to find their love one fine day (actually night) they are seen getting entangled to a heinous event that bring them in the bad books of law. Their lives are changed and they have no other option but to fight for justice and moral integrity in order to emerge as an example to the society.

The Script Analysis

Uvaa is a film with a social message that becomes apparent too little too late as much of the portion of the movie is being wasted catching up the juvenile antics of these spoiled brats and a number of shoddy reactions coming from their teachers. Though the film has relevant subject but it fails to get the right potential for it. As an audience or critic, you simply fail to understand as to why any movie, which is somewhere inspired by the Nirbhaya rape case has to start with some silly campus caper. The idea of taking resort to comedy in the first half to make it a social drama at the end is a blunder. With poorly choreographed dance and song sequences adding up abruptly in the first half make the film lose the message, which it intends to portray. Interestingly, the first half, which seems a comedy becomes very much stressful to bear. And to make things bad to worse, the second half is also seen dragging as well, however, abruptly it converts into a zest of social drama giving the audience a shock. It becomes a tad watch-able due to the subject it handles, albeit in a very much slapdash fashion.

Star Performances & Other Technical Stuff

Except the elders like Om Puri and Jimmy Sheirgill, all the boys are new at the silver screen having some exposure over the small screen. Though the boys are energetic and talented yet they failed to deliver over the silver screen. Thanks to the poorly formatted script, which lets them down in a pathetic way. In fact, even the competent actors like Om Puri and Rajit Kapoor too are seen getting wasted, however, the character of Jimmy Sheirgill seems to be the highlight of the movie. He in the role of the cop is seen intense and sincere, however, it is surprising to see such good actors are getting confined to such kinds of conventional characters. With amateurish direction and scores of novices and small time actors have together helped to certain immature performances. The only good thing about the film is its decent picture quality giving a better aesthetic look and feel in Uvaa. The music and songs are average despite having strong and powerful lyrics. Overall the film is no more impressive.

Uvaa– The Last Word

We often catch up films raising issues of common man interest and portraying their plights along with the hue and cry of people against the system, however, it fails to cater a trustworthy solution to combat the crime. Uvaa though is seen coming out of the way with courage to do so with some sense but with shabby implementation, it ends up destroying this essence of this social drama. In nutshell, the film having cliched social issues, juvenile attempts at comedy, a fragile script and amateur direction make the film a stressful viewing experience. Overall, the movie is a shabby attempt to deliver a tangible message. In other words, it’s a film with good intention but bad execution, which can make Uvaa a miss.

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