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Urfi Javed wore a ulti shirt, fans ask, ‘karna kya chahti ho behen?’

Actress and model aka Urfi Javed, who came to the limelight from Bigg Boss OTT, often remains in the headlines for one reason or the other. Scared of her unusual style and dressing style, Urfi is once again in the news for her fashion sense. She may not have done anything special in Bigg Boss OTT but she became a social media sensation as soon as the show ended. She has shared some photos from her official Instagram handle in which she is wearing a reverse shirt. Seeing this style of her, people have trolled her by holding her head. scroll down to see the picture.

Urfi Javed has posted some pictures on her Instagram account on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. In this photoshoot,  has paired a brown colored shirt with blue denim jeans. But he is wearing the shirt completely upside down. All the buttons of the shirt are open, due to which his entire back is clearly visible. And along with this, he is also wearing a chain with a pendant, that too in reverse. Actresses have wished the fans Happy Valentine’s Day in the caption with this reverse picture of her. People are trolling him badly for this picture. One user even asked ‘What do you want to do, sister?’


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 Lately, she was accused by fans of copying Zendaya’s look from the 2021 BET Awards in which she sported slit purple clothes. Some fans went as far as calling her ‘Sasti Zendaya’. Urfi is often trolled a lot for her fashion sense, but the actress doesn’t mind at all. You tell us, did you like her new outfit? Tell us in the comment section.

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