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Urfi Javed flaunts her back in her Black backless lace dress!

The Bigg Boss OTT contestant Urfi Javed is always being one of the most discussed topics. She never fails to upload her pics in her bold choice of clothes and this is the reason she is always caught in controversies.

This afternoon, Urfi looks in a black lace dress, sharing the video on Instagram, Urfi asked her fans to complete her caption saying, “black makes me look ……” After sharing the video her fans start commenting on her video ‘Hottie’ and ‘Sexy’ One wrote, गजब बेशरमी and other user comments ‘Mai to kuch aur dekhne ki koshish kar raha tha’…


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Recently Urfi opened up about failed careers and failed relationships. The caption read, “You know how many times I’ve failed? I can’t even count now! A few times in my life I’ve felt like the only way to get out of this mess is to end my life. My life was seriously fucked up. Failed career, failed relationships, no money made me feel like a loser who doesn’t deserve to live. I still don’t have a lot of money, successful career and I’m still single but I have hope.”

“The only reason I’m alive today (trust me there have been so many incidents in my life which nearly killed me ) is because I never stopped. I kept walking and I’m still walking. I may not be where I want to be but at least I’m on the way. Some pep talk before the year ends! Get up, fight, repeat. You’re stronger than the situations around you,” the caption read further.

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