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Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna No Splits after all ‘Love Conquers’

Upen Patel, Karishma Tanna

‘Splitting’ – A few letter word but have something really drastic when it comes to love isn’t? I guess you all might be quite familiar with this word don’t you? For beginners its nothing but a strange thing however if we talk about ‘Bollywood’ followers then some of the followers may say.. Uhhh.. what’s news in this? Well coming on to the point directly for what we are here for. Will initiate this with a small flash back one of the favourite reality of entire globe ‘Big Boss’ – A glamorous show whose fragrance have grabbed celebs from far away from the world and have drag them to be on the show. Some of you might be thinking so what’s a big deal on this right? If it is so then did you remembered last season?

Of course you all might remember those episodes right? And also the loving cum hot chemistry which was sparking between renowned Bollywood star ‘Upen Patel’ who was last seen in Shankar’s film which was on the floor in 2015 and Karishma Tanna who will be seen in her looming flick Tina and Lolo with hot n alluring Sunny Leone later this year. But soon after spending a couple of quality time with each other there were many rumours which were spreading around about their breakup, to which the stunning star replied “All those who love us.We R not splitting up but just getting through our ups & downs like all relationships go through. Love conquers all ”- As per the sources.

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