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Uorfi Javed faces police complaint for Alleged obscenity

Uorfi Javed is always in discussion for her revealing outfits. Sometimes she also has to face trolls for such outfits, but the actress does not care at all. However, Uorfi crosses the lines and she faces police complaints from the people. Accusing her of spreading obscenity, and has taken place in the police station against Uorfi.

Uorfi Javed not only shares revealing clothes on her social media, but she also walks around in public places wearing such clothes. Due to this, there have been disputes many times. And now lawyer Kashif Ali Khan Deshmukh has lodged a written complaint in the Andheri police station alleging that she is spreading obscenity. Police officials have also given information regarding this. The police officer has also given an official statement that such a written complaint has been given two days back.

Complaint against Uorfi Javed:

In the past too, such a demand would have come to register the crime. Urfi society increases obscenity. This is against all Indian culture. Because of this, wrong rites are being performed on young people and the old message has reached them, many have said.

Meanwhile, a few weeks ago, the song Kaisi Yeh Majboori Hai was displayed. Or the performers of the song and the three would have been dressed in strange clothes. Or the dispute would have been created only because of her outfits. A complaint would have been lodged against her in the Delhi police station alleging that she was spreading obscenity.

The video of the song Mera Dil Yeh Pukare Aaja was shared with fans, but fans did not like this video very much. and she gets brutally trolled for this.

What do you think about the charges filed against Orfi Javed, she should be banned from wearing such a revealing dress. Let us know in the comment section.

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