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Uorfi Javed criticizes Chahat Khanna after she supports Chetan Bhagat

Uorfi Javed has become a hot topic over her dress. Just recently, Uorfi criticized Chetan for allegedly making disparaging statements about her. The Bigg Boss OTT star, according to the author’s perspective, is a distraction for young people. In no time, Javed responded and accused him of encouraging rape culture.

Chahat Khanna recently came under attack from Uorfi because she agreed with Bhagat’s assessment of Javed. Chetan Bhagat was a well-known and respected individual, Chahatt Khanna said in an interview. She was pleased that people had begun to speak out in opposition to Javed.

Khanna added that she had only read the first sentence of Bhagat’s remark, which claimed that Uorfi Javed was causing the kids to get distracted. Supporting Bhagat, she claimed that he complimented her by using really good terms to describe her.

Uorfi Javed reacted to her:

Uorfi Javed criticised Khanna for her interview, saying that Bhagat was not respected since he was a sexual predator. She exposed Khanna’s animosity for her and said that she insulted all women. Khanna, according to Javed, despised her because she didn’t get the same amount of attention as Javed, not because she wore scant clothing. She emphasised Khanna’s role in the Sukesh Chandrashekar controversy and urged Khanna to cease using her name for publicity.

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