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Unveiled: Censor Board in Bangladesh Edits Out 27 Minutes of ‘Adult’ Content from Ranbir Kapoor’s Film ‘Animal’

Despite its ‘A’ rating and lengthy runtime of 3 hours and 23 minutes, Ranbir Kapoor’s Animal has emerged as a massive blockbuster. The film, filled with disturbing violent scenes, intimate sequences, and shocking dialogues, has captivated the audience. The shock value, combined with Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s skillful direction, has made the movie a compelling watch for many cinephiles. There have been reports of audiences watching Animal multiple times, particularly drawn to its adult content.

It might come as a surprise to many that the startling scenes and dialogues are noticeably absent in the version of Animal screened in the cinemas of Bangladesh. According to a source who shared with Bollywood Hungama, “The Bangladesh Film Censor Board explicitly stated that the movie could not be released unless certain ‘adult’ scenes were removed. The filmmakers acquiesced, leading to the censoring of approximately 27 minutes of content. Consequently, the runtime of Animal in Bangladesh is now 2 hours and 56 minutes.”

The insider further added, “As anticipated, the audience in Bangladesh expressed discontent similar to their Indian counterparts since the censored version of Animal lacked the original shock value. Additionally, it experienced a delayed release in the country, hitting screens on December 7, while it premiered in India and elsewhere on December 1.”

Another insider commented, “Even Salaar, which holds an ‘A’ rating in India, has not been granted release in Bangladesh. It remains uncertain if it will secure a release there in the coming week. On the contrary, Shah Rukh Khan’s Dunki enjoyed a simultaneous release in Bangladesh alongside its global premiere.”

As per Bollywood Hungama, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) in India granted an ‘A’ certificate to the makers of Animal after they voluntarily removed close-up shots in an intimate scene and ‘suitably’ modified certain language. Fortunately, these alterations did not compromise the narrative or overall impact.

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