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The Unfortunate Love Story of Amitabh and Rekha

The Love Story of Amitabh and Rekha

The love story of Amitabh Bachchan and Rekha has been always the talk of the town. Even today, you hear in some of the corners of media people talking about the superstar love story. Come any special occasion, critics, fans, audience and others leaves no opportunity to talk, discuss and share their views on the much hyped and popular love story, which remained at the top once upon a time in Bollywood. Despite the big and exorbitant love story, the two never confessed before the media about their alleged love affair and thus kept people simply guessing about the same. Soon it turned mystery as what transpired between the two. At the big day of Big B, it would be interesting to explore what and how things started in between the two legends and the way it has come to an end. Here we go unfolding the biggest and unfortunate love story of Amitabh and Rekha separating the myths from the reality.

The unsuccessful saga of super romantic pairs of Bollywood

Ever since the duo started working, their onscreen chemistry was a big hit in Bollywood. It did not take too long to see the on-screen chemistry converting into off-screen couple as well. It all happened over the sets of the movie called Do Anjane in 1976. During these days, the couple often met at one of the bungalow of Rekha’s friend. These were the initial days when everything seemed perfect until one incident took place. It was during the shooting of a movie called Ganga Ki Saugandh in the year 1978 when Big B was seen losing temper on one of the co-stars at the set who was misbehaving with Rekha. This instantly caught the fire making headlines about the alleged affair or affection towards the lady star. The rumour mills kept on embarking with different stories and gossips about the couple and even went ahead claiming, that the two have got married secretly. These speculations aggravated when people saw Rekha coming up with Mangalsutra and Sindoor at Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh’s marriage.

Jaya’s Reaction

During all these speculations and rumours churning out about the two legend stars in the media, interestingly, Big B was already married. This really miffed his actress wife Jaya Bachchan a lot. Instead of throwing tantrums, she chose to go wise. She then invited Rekha, had dinner together at her home, spoke nicely, and candidly told her that she will not leave her husband come what may to her. She then kept her words and until date, you find Big B with her only rather than turning towards his love tide.

Rekha’s take on this relationship

Though both the stars seemed serious about their relationship despite showing anything in public but Rekha at one point of time spoke about the same in an interview carried out in the popular Bollywood magazine called Filmfare in 1984. She openly said that it was Amitabh who denied this relationship just to secure his image, family and children; she further said that everyone knows about their love for each other since it is nothing but a big truth that she loves him and he loves the lady. She even called Amitabh an old-fashioned person, who never wants to hurt anyone and his wife is no exception for him. On the contrary, Amitabh always maintained his silence about this alleged affair with Rekha and chose not to speak about it in public. This spilted one of the most successful on-screen and off screen couple Amitab and Rekha. Hence, Silsila was their enigmatic couple’s last movie together, which also depicted their own story with the same characters – Rekha, Amitabh and Jaya.

Before and during Silsila

The Bollywood filmmakers were smart enough to exploit the real life story into a reel life, which luckily turned out to be a big blockbuster over the Box Office. Yash Raj, who was a big brand in making romantic and love stories, roped in all the real characters into reel to make Silsila. During its making, Yash Raj categorically said that the two actors were in a relationship before his movie. He further said, he often remained scared and at the tenterhooks during the making of the movie, since it was the real story turning into reel life. Jaya happens to his wife, while Rekha is his girlfriend; the same story is being portrayed in the film, which really made the venture very much risky as all the controversial people were working together.

The post Silsila scenario

After the release of Silsila the relationship between the two stars started fading up. Rekha was keen to marry Amitabh but failed to settle down the tag of other women in his boyfriend’s life. With Amitabh taking up no chance, she soon realized that their relationship has no future. Post Silsila Amitabh was seen neglecting Rekha altogether. Thus with this their passionate love story simply came to an end, which included both over the on and off screens. However, the wounds of this relationship continued to settle down in quite some time for Rekha yet the scars of those emotional injuries remained with her lifelong as she was damn serious to settle down with her boyfriend.

Wrapping up

Though Rekha married one Delhi based businessperson called Mukesh Aggarwal, however, it did not last long as this man committed suicide for some unknown reason. Until today Rekha is still alone and continues to stay lonely in her Bandra based cottage in Mumbai. Therefore, regardless of the situations she had faced for relationship breakup, the fact is the aura of this biggest and unfortunate love story still somewhere hangs on.

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