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Unakkenna Venum Sollu Movie Review

Unakkenna Venum Sollu Movie Review

The south Indian movie world had the film Unakkenna Venum Sollu, which fall under the horror thriller, which is directed by Srinath Ramalingam and produced by K Mohamed Yasin and N Shanmuga Sudaram. The main leads in the film include Deepak Paramesh, Jaqlene Prakash and Mime Gopi, while the screenplay was carried out by the director himself. The music comes from Siva Saravanan with story coming from MRK. The cinematography was carried out by Manish Murthy along with produced and distributed under the banner called Auraa Cinemas. Now, let’s dig in deep into the film to get the gist of the same as under:

As far as the south Indian movies are concerned, it’s the season of horror flicks with getting these genre movies back to back. Though many filmmakmers were seen relying on the comedy element to present their horror flicks, however, few would simply be seen sticking only to the serious intense horror genre. Talking about the Unakkenna Venum Sollu, it belongs to the latter category unlike the way one found the film Maya hitting last week. You can find therefore many chilling moments in the film giving several creepy moments to the audience once they return home after watching the same. However, this is not true with this film as it doesn’t really carry these moments though the film is made with loads of technical values and genuine efforts. You cannot find this film unlike any other film that people brush aside without any hassle or hesitation.

One often expect a story in any horror film is that there is a soul of Dracula look move around to take revenge from people responsible for the injustice. However, in this film you can find a soul of a small girl who is seen roaming around its parents and to seek the answer for the unfulfilled promises. In this film, you can find it taking some time in order to pick up to catch the story while it attempts to establish characters before the audience gets engrossed in it. The film takes some time to engage the audience, while the second half is very much better in terms of compelling content and other things. With using the idea of hypnotherapy in the climax, the film becomes interesting along with several sub conscious sequences perfectly caught in the camera with different VFX effects backed by incredible emotions.

In terms of music, the film is seen with prominence coming with a perfect synergy of songs along with good background songs and effective sound effects and not to forget the DI and VFX effects, which often add extra element in any horror film to make the horror moments more eerie. As far as performance is concerned, the characters remained fresh, which include hyper and exorcist, while the young girl Anu is simply outstanding while playing the character of Daisy. The male lead in the form of Deepak Paramesh seemed very much natural while the gorgeous Jaqlene Prakash increased the temperature of the film.

Unakkenna Venum Sollu Last Word

On the final note, the Unakkenna Venum Sollu is a decent film, yet is has rooms for improvement for giving much robust and incredible impact on the audience catching up the film. The film seemed lagging behind in terms of thrilling moments and tighter kind of screenplay. Yet looking at the overall picture, the film is an emotional horror thriller, which simply incites the interest too little too late.

Rating – 3.5

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