Bigg Boss 16

Umar Riaz attempts to career-shame Simba Nagpal, Simba then tells him that he’s trying to live up to the image of his brother Asim

The jungle-waasis were given another chance to join the house in the most recent episode of Bigg Boss 15, putting an end to their banishment in the garden area. Bigg Boss had sent a mission letter that divided the entire house into three groups: Team Plant, Team Deer, and Team Tiger.

All of the teams had to persuade Shamita, who was also the challenge’s sanchalak, to give them sugarcane sticks, with the team that extracted the most juice at the end winning the task. In exchange for the sugarcane juice, Nishant and Pratik were the scientists who gave the teams poisonous injections. The poison can help the other person expel a team member from the competitive team. Although the killing can only be carried out while bearing in mind the ecological cycle. This implies Team Tiger can only kill Team Deer, who can then kill Team Plant, who can then kill Team Tiger.

But, in the midst of it all, Umar, who was the first to start stealing Sugarcane sticks from others, ended up fighting practically everyone. Simba Nagpal was even tried to be career shamed by the latter, who said, “Ye Splitsvilla mein jaake padhaai karke aaya hai, ye TV show mein jaake padhai karke aaya hai” (He has completed his schooling from Splitsvilla, he has completed his schooling from TV shows).

The Shakti actor then discussed how Umar is attempting to live up to the image of his brother Asim Riaz, who became a huge fan of the show around season thirteen. Finally, the opposing team, led by Tejasswi Prakash, poisoned Simba by claiming that he was the squad’s strongest challenger.

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