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Ukrainian Bollywood actress Nataliya Kozhenova loves Football Superstar Lionel Messi

Nataliya Kozhenova
The Barcelona football star – Lionel Mess turned sensation after hitting three goals in a row to make his 32nd hat trick thrashing the rival team a victory of 6-1. For his fans, football is their religion and the footballer is his god. In a long list of his fans, you can even find the name of Bollywood Ukrainian actress Nataliya Kozhenova as well who was seen celebrating and showcasing her love for the time beating even the diminutive Argentinian Lionel Messi one step further.

The Ukrainian actress Nataliya Kozhenova showcases her love for Lionel Messi by simply making his love face inked over her chest. If you check her picture, you would realise how she has got the Barcelona and Argentina superstars tattooed very much visibly on her chest. She called Lionel Messi as her favourite and what he did was simply incredible. It just her tribute to the Football superstar, which she did during the Football World Cup as well but that time it was for Messi .

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