Monday, November 29, 2021
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‘Udta Punjab’ Original Copy Leaked by Censor Board Member!

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A trend or a never ending fire which doesn’t seems to be on the verge to blowout from the globe is once again ready with something really‘ Shocking and Strange’ this time, well many of you might be known for the same however we are here to explore the truth behind such incident. It all initiated the day when the making of ‘Udta Punjab’ was about to touch the floor and suddenly the rumours catch rapid fire on the floor for some adult scenes and violating or hurting Punjab sentiments. The fire heat was something that took too long for a conclusion, but finally when High Court took a striking decision for the movie to give green signal none of us had ever thought off that another controversy is following continuously, check out here what was the controversy for?

To start with the controversy I would like to come straight to the point that ‘The Original Copy of the movie was Leaked by Censor Board’ – As per the sources, sounds really strange isn’t? but believe me guys this is indeed truth and you won’t be believe, it is said that the original copy was circulated all over the internet via 732 websites and people were actually crazy to download the entire movie, however it is also said that there were two versions of the film which were leaked, out of which one was ‘The first version of the full-length is 2 hours 20 minutes. The second version is said to be 40 minutes in which they are all controversial footage, the film censor board wanted to delete but they before they could do something it was downloaded by millions’ – As per the sources.

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