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Uday Chopra – Is he The Missing Man in Bollywood

Uday Chopra – Is he The Missing Man in Bollywood

Not many would appreciate Uday Chopra for failing to make his mark in acting domain in a number of his Bollywood movies released so far. Despite coming from one of the prestigious Film Groups like Yash Raj Films, Uday Chopra really lagged behind in terms making big over the B Town movies. It’s ironic to see Yash Raj Films as one of the vital groups in B Town, which is responsible in shaping a number of actors’ fate failed to garner a good career in acting in its film. Yet many would fail to know that this man – Uday Chopra, the son of late Yash Chopra and brother of Aditya Chopra happens to be a genius in some ways. Failing to know some of his feats has made him the missing man in B Town. Well, how about exploring some of the facts of his life which showcases his geniuses in one way or the other. Let’s have a look at it:

A Genius in Academics

 Not many know the fact that Uday Chopra has achieved laurels in his CBSE Board Exams by securing 96 percent, which is not a child’s play. That speaks about his generosity in academics. That’s not all, with his ace intelligence and mastery in general knowledge, he has the privilege of representing India in The World GK Championship at New York City, wherein he was able to secure the grade 7. Again not many would know about this success in the media.

Cultural Leader

If you are a Mumbaite, Malhar needs no introduction; however, people outside the city would inquire as to what it is all about. Well, it is a popular cultural college festival of one of the prestigious college of Bombay called St/ Xavier’s. It has become synonymous to a number of cultural events, which attract students far and wide within and outside the city. Interestingly, it was founded by none other than this man – Uday Chopra a couple of decades before when he was the student of this college founded this group, which has become instrumental in organizing a wide range of cultural events. That’s not all; Uday also participated in one of the International Film Festivals as a Bouncer. He simply surprised the world for the two minute fame for this feat.

An Activist Uday

Apart from being the cultural leader and academic genius, this man is also known as an activist. Uday Chopra is an activist par quality; he stood up against a social stigma called Sati and abolished the same. This makes this man a responsible citizen who is really connected to the society and not only that he is also seen moving a step ahead to make the difference in the society.

Are you thinking about him?

What is the really first thing, which comes to your mind when you read out the above facts? All you could do is to picture Uday Chopra in different circumstances. You do not remember any kind of situation, which anyone was seen writing about this man while remembering him, right?

Wrapping up

It’s been long time that you see this man hiding somewhere. Perhaps with these facts, you would realise that Uday Chopra is not an ordinary man in B Town who should be forgotten for just playing certain silly characters about him. With these facts, you are supposed to remain amazed.

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