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Tyga has been hit with a $19,124.98 tax lien in California.

Rapper Tyga
Rapper Tyga

The rapper – who is dating Kylie Jenner – owes the state nearly $20,000 after his tax payments allegedly fell short in 2009, 2010 and 2011, reports TMZ.

The latest money troubles follow on from reports the 25-year-old star owes $70,000 to his landlord and is being sued by a Las Vegas club promoter for breaching the terms of his contract.

Tyga was paid $25,000 to perform at Body English last summer, with the contract including a clause that meant he couldn’t perform anywhere else in Vegas a week before and a month after the gig.

However, the concert promoters allege Tyga performed at another venue the night before he was due on stage at Body English.

He is being sued for $100,000.

Last month, Tyga was ordered to pay a further $70,000 in back rent to the landlord of his home in Calabasas, California, and move out of the upmarket property.

The court ruling came less than a month after the ‘Rack City’ hitmaker insisted he had paid out $200,000 as a deposit on the property a year ago and was told by the landlord he could move in, rent-free, during escrow.

In June, he was ordered to pay a second landlord $80,000 in back rent.

If he missed the deadline, he would have had to pay the full amount owed, which came to $124,000 when interest on the late payments was taken into account.

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