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Twisting The Case of Hit n Run – Salman Khan’s Driver Acknowledge Was Driving The Car

Struggling for justice every now n then seems really a pathetic stage of our life and if you might have rolled out in any sort of custody only then you can feel the pain. But, as far as the Bollywood is concerned one of our renowned celebrities of all, the one n only dashing Khan of Bollywood ‘Salman Khan seems to be in a situation wherein his life seems to be just like playing Hide n Seek game. We are depicting this word as if, you’ll might be aware of the fire creating case of our Sallu Bhai i.e. Hit n Run for which he’s currently spending some sort of time in courts. But, as far as case is concern it does seems like the case have took a turn wherein after every moment a new clue is being forwarded and the entire scenario gets changed like anything.

Lighting on to the case deeply then, it was filed against ‘Salman’ for smashing off some fellow street people while driving his car. It was also added that he himself was driving the car which took a drastic accident this was all about few years back. But, after a long time as per the sources it is now said that, the car was driven by his driver named as ‘Ashok Singh’ who added a statement as “It was me and not the actor who was driving at the time of the 2002 hit-and-run accident in which one person was killed and four others were injured” – As per the sources.

Let’s just wait n watch what else would come up till the case is rolling in the court.

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