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TV Serial Update: Ruhi to land Abhimanyu in trouble in YRKKH, Choti Anu’s real mother enters in Anupamaa

TV Serial Update: YRKKH and Anupamaa are all set to witness some major drama turning the life of the leads upside down. Both the shows are leading in the TRP race and fans are always excited to know what’s going to happen next. Scroll down to read the upcoming updates of Anupamaa. 

TV Serial Update: Yeh Rishta kya Kehlta hai upcoming tiwst

In the upcoming plot of YRKKH, Neil-Aarthi’s daughter Ruhi will cause a big mess and Abhimanyu will fall in trouble. We saw in the latest episodes how Abhimanyu’s card gets blocked after Ruhi enters the wrong pin thrice. Abhi is left abandoned in Kasauli with no cash flow and cannot even make a digital transfer which becomes a major problem for him.

As per the latest spoilers of YRKKH, Abheer wants to teach a lesson to Abhimanyu as he didn’t pay his father and made his parents fight. He tries to attack Abhi with his football but Abhi catches him. He then feels guilty for creating issues in Abhinav’s family. Will his mistake create a bad feeling in front of Abheer and Akshara? What will happen next? Stay tuned to know!

TV Serial Update: Chhavi Pandey to enter Anupama

The latest episode of Anupamaa witnessed some romantic sequences between Anu and Anuj. They have managed to resolve their issues all thanks to Dheeraj and Devika. Choti Anu’s past will return to haunt Anupamaa’s present in the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa. 

Elsewhere, Vanraj is upset over his failure to keep his family together, while Samar feels Anupama’s absence in his life and finds happiness in Dimple’s presence.

MaAn will bring Anu back from her camp, where she mentions someone named Maya Aunty. This Maya Aunty, however, is none other than Anu’s biological mother, who left her years back. Chhavi Pandey will portray Maya.

It would be interesting to see if Maya Aunty takes Anu away from MaAn or decides to leave Anu with them after seeing her daughter happy.

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