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Tv Celeb talks about their Holi plans

Tv Celeb talks about their Holi plans

As the festival of colors is very close. Popular Telly Celebs comes up with their plans. They are ready to colour their life with happiness, Forget and forgive and start fresh spreading love. Yes they also excited for the festive food. Read out to know what they are upto

GULFAM KHAN: Holi is the festival of sweets, Colors and happiness.Though I don’t play holi with colors I do go to Khar and celebrate holi with my Bong gang. Holi is the time to forget the bad old and start fresh.It brings in spring and happiness.

SHALINI KAPOOR: Holi is the fest I love watching from my balcony but don’t have guts to play with colors. Everyone seem to be so real on the day. We invite our close friends for lunch and enjoy. We look forward to such a ‘get-together’ every year.

KANISHA MALHOTRA: On the day of holi, all we neighbours gather nearby my house and play colors.I remember having bhang and sleeping for 24 hours straight last year.

ADITI SHARMA VED: Holi teaches us to fill our life with colours and happiness. I am a hardcore animal lover so I feel sad as people take advantage of such festivals and put colour on stray dogs and hit them with water baloons. More than playing with the colours or chemical this festival is all about filling your life with it.

LOUIS S SWARNKAR: I enjoy the Holi festival with my family and friends. A colorful day you can not hide lots of ‘dance-masti’ together with the taste of sweets and yummy food.

PARINEETA BORTHAKUR: Holi is a festival to forgive and forget and color our life with love keeping anger aside. I will play in a very decent way with Lord Krishna, and my family members.

DISHANK ARORA: Holi for me is happiness. As a kid I used to love playing with water and colours but now realised its toxic and we must save better. Since then I prefer staying at home have lunch with close friends and family.

ADITIYA SINGH RAJPUT: We all friends are getting together for holi, its a reunion cum super party time obviously a very colorful one. Holi for me is a colorful festival with my friends who are my family in Mumbai, where we go mad.

SEMAL BHATT: Holi for me is purely Water and Gulal. I enjoy it with my family and friends. We play colors and enjoy the taste of festive food.

MAHIP MARWAHA: I have always loved this festival. Holi is my most favourite festival since childhood, have always spent Holi with my family and close friends. Like all festivals, this one too, dispels all negativity and is all about spreading happiness and the colours symbolise togetherness and love.

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