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Tumhari Sulu Third Week box office collection


The Vidya Balan starrer movie called Tumhari Sulu seemed to have proved its presence over the box office. Thanks to the performance of the lead actress backed with a decent story that made the film Tumhari Sulu to do a good business. With her performance many would feel that she can do and and act in any movie and it can give good collection to its film as well. Looking at the third Thrusday over the box office. Now, if you look at th collection of the film, it has gained around 1.50 crore on its last Thursday giving a good collection..

As per reports, the third Thursday Box Office collection for the film has gone up to 34.25 crore, which is really a good figure to catch up. The film Tumhari Sulu has given a good collection of 40 lacs and 41 lacs respectively when we talk about the collection on its 3rd Monday and Tuesday. The movie then went on to collect 49 lacs on its 3rd Wednesday and it has so far collected 46 lacs on its 3rd Thursday.

The lead star of the film Vidya Balan was seen speaking about the movie when she said about that the film was inspired by Iranian movies, which she are made on simple scripe and and big-hearted. She also was seen adding that her film Tumhari Sulu is made on similar lines to the Iranian films. She said that she had watched a lot of such Iranian films along with the previous editions of the films at the known MAMI film festivals and somewhere was very much inspired by them a lot. She added that the storytelling and performance in such films  were very simple and good hearted and she can make out from the same.

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