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Tug of Twitter War Anupam Kher Smashes on Shashi Tharoor via Congi Chamcha

Beware guys n gals it’s really hot like anything, before you knock your noise in the hot controversy make sure you depict something realistic and meaningful, who knows someone may grab you with his/her bitter words. You might be thinking, why am I using such statements don’t you? Let me give you a perfect example for this, initiating with a statement ‘Tug of Twitter War’. Yes, what you read is absolutely correct but guess what the war is between politics and Bollywood i.e. between Congress leader and Member of Parliament Shashi Tharoor and one of the olden gold star cum celeb Anupam Kher. The war of words triggered when the two latter comments in an interview with Bhupendra Chaubey and as per the sources Kher added in a statement in front of media as ‘Sometimes I feel scared to admit that I was Hindu’ sounds something really annoying isn’t? Well this was not over here as the social media was flooded with some eliciting response from people, however the one whose comment stroked Anupam was nothing but Shashi Tharoor’s, have a look here what he added on the same.

Shashi added – “Come on Anupam. I say it all the time. I’m a proud Hindu. Just not the Sangh’s kind of Hindu. @AnupamPkher“ – As per the sources. This time turn was of Anupam who reacted like a boob on the politician with his acidic talks, have a look – “Come on Shashi. Never thought you will misinterpret my statement like trolls do. And behave like a Congi Chamcha.” Indeed the star had obviously crossed the line from making an argumentative comment, to making an attacking one. So guess what, the twitter was flooded with their conversations as you can glance below.

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