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Tubelight Movie Review : Catch the saga of a childlike man’s resolute faith in himself and the love


Catch Salman Khan’s earnest performance in the touching saga of sibling love

Movie : Tubelight
Director : Kabir Khan
Star Cast : Salman Khan, Zhu Zhu & Sohail Khan
Genre : Love, Drama
Rating : 2.5


The film Tubelight is made at the backdrop of the 1962 Indo-China war and is about the saga of two brothers who are separated by fate only reunite with the power of faith. The film also stars Chinese actress Zhu Zhu. The film basically deals with the life of people who are affected when countries go on war. The two brothers are separated as Sohail (Bharat) go on a war while Laxman Singh Bist played by Salman Khan a gullible but good hearted human being hunts out his brother. So, how it really works out is interesting to catch.


The film Tubelight can be called as a departure film from your regular Salman Khan mass entertainment movies. He is like a child-man who doesn’t who is bare body so he has simply to give his innocence to the world. The film has an interesting idea which somehow keeps it from the reality. However, Kabir has to lose the track of the story simply to make the superstar emote and cry. The first half is okay but with second half we get to see too many issues, thanks to the random songs coming from any side making things too preachy and monotonous. The film is not about war or family but a tale of two brothers failing to get its own identity. The best part is the way Salman and Sohail have acted in the film, while rest of them too appeared good over the silver screen. The other setbacks in the film include the Music, which remains the major letdown for the audience as it has only one song (Radio), which serves the purpose, rest make things too monotonous.


The film though seems to come up with the values of family, patriotism and faith and patriotism fails to take the leap since as it has nowhere it can be seen convincingly moving ahead. With Salman, you get to get the feeling it is too good to believe as the man has suddenly become so cute and sweet that things become difficult to digest

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