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Tubelight Box office collection till date

After a much hype and buzz the Salman Khan film Tubelight released in the theatres this Eid. However, despite all the buzz the film didn’t made that par business for the reason that it failed to impress the audience in a big way as expected. Unlike all the previous films of Salman Khan like Sultan, Bajrangi Bhaijaan and Kick, the recently released film on Eid called Tubelight has failed to impress the audience for many reasons. Some of the reasons include the poor promotion, the lack of interest of audience to catch his film and the mixed reviews that have together hampered the collection of the movie.

As per reports, the movie so far seems to have confined with a lowly figure giving a total collection of around 118 crore, which is really not expected from this film. In fact, a majority of theatres have replaced the film within three weeks of its released as it has failed to attract the audience far and wide. Though Salman Khan was appreciated for his flawless acting but he had made many to cry, which turned the basic reason for not seeing the film into foray of getting a huge collection. This ended up the film in a big mess giving the makers nothing but a big loss.

In fact, if you check the recent buzz in the media, Salman Khan and his father Salim Khan have both promised to pay the distributors for their losses they have made from the recently released movie. In fact, many in the film industry have however, questioned as to why the star is compensating as it will set a wrong trend in the industry since he not liable both morally and legally to compensate the distributors for the losses, after they do not give the money to the star when they make money, so paying them for their losses as compensation is a weird idea.

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