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Trishala Sanjay Dutt’s Daughter Slapped Stalker Salman Naseer with Words on Instagram

Sanjay Dutt’s daughter Trishala

A well known statement ‘Every Action Has Equal n Opposite Reaction’ – Some of you might have heard and some of you may not but the interesting thing is, the well known actor Sanjay Dutt’s daughter have given a perfect example for the same. Though she’s just 26year of her age but her courageous response was well appreciated by her followers in the social media platform Instagram. Well let us take you’ll in deep about the incident when the actress took the entire scenario on the run, have a look below..

As per the sources – An unknown person with a name Salman Naseer stalked her on Instagram. The stalker added on the quotes as ‘Can we go for a date?’ for which she replied nothing he instantly called her an “ugly b****”. But on the other her response was nothing but a stunning cum smashing slap on his face, she took the screenshot of the conversation and posted it on Instagram adding “I think @salmannaseer786 feels bad I didn’t respond to him and accept his “date” to take me out so he called me an ugly b****. SMH…. funny how I didn’t seem so ugly a few minutes before he started to feel some typa way ? I don’t understand you children, do you not know how to accept rejection? I KNOW this isn’t your first time being ignored boo. Gross. I would never even throw a dog bone at you bro.” – As per the sources.

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