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Trim Your Tummy in a Week

Do you find your tummy flabby and bloated? Are you finding your clothes losing its shape? Are you convinced that your day to flaunt your body has gone? If yes, then you have no option but to lose your weight and make your tummy flat. An obese body invites problems, which comes in the form various diseases and disorders. The best you can do is to get rid of your bloated tummy by opting a competent weight loss program. If you are too busy to go out of the way to do things, you can have your own Flat Tummy Program, which can help in losing your weight. A comprehensive program, which can comprise a number of activities, which progresses your weight loss, let’s check the steps as under

1st Step – Examine Your Habit

First things first, make a notebook wherein you will note down all your day to day activities pertaining to eating along with carrying exercise (if any) in a week. Note everything like what you eat in the afternoon, do you eat anything unhealthy at any hotel or food joint. This may sound a bit difficult in jotting down yet doing the same can help you a lot. At the same time, you need to jot down your body shape as well along with writing down about your weight and measurement. This will include your hips, waist, bust and upper thigh. If possible take the pictures of these body parts. Once you jot down all these things, make sure you chart your weekly progress just to make it as your motivational tool. Also, this will help you in identifying all the good and bad habits, which you need to regulate accordingly.

Follow the Diet Rule

Apart from finding your bad habits and regulating them, you are supposed to chalk out a time tested diet rules, which can help in reducing the extra pounds over your body. Try adapting them in order to fit in with your lifestyle and the foods you would like to eat. Eat three meals a day, which will include the main meal (lunch or dinner) comprising protein, chicken, fish or small portion of wholegrain carbohydrates including pasta, brown rice and loads of vegetable along with smaller meal of soup (home made or shop bought options) along with salad. Make sure you include loads of recommended Flat Tummy Foods along with five portions of vegetables and fruits.

Avoiding meals can only hamper your blood sugar levels, which at the end hamper your willpower. Consider healthy snacks and opt for smaller meals as well to get the energy level. Start your day with having digestion cleaning squeeze of lemon in a hot water cup along with having additional 6-8 glasses of water and cups of herbal team over the entire day. Rather than having sandwiches go for big soup of salad as this will help in keeping a check over your blood sugar levels. If you feel like having extra carbs, consider oatcakes or sourdough bread as it helps in gradual release of energy. Instead of having sugary foods consider fruit in your snacks. When it comes to eating, take your time to chew it properly so that the digestion becomes effective.

Foods That Help in Flattening Your Tummy

When it comes to foods there are five top options for you, which can expedite your self weight loss program. The very first option comes in the form of oats, as these are rich in carbohydrates and fiber and known for getting easily digested. However, you shouldn’t be investing huge on posh oats and get the cheaper one, which are simply enjoyable to eat. Next is the natural yogurts, which are protein rich and thus is one of the natural yogurt and the best satisfying snack. However, you need to avoid the low fat yogurts as these can contain ingredients other than milk, which will reduce any kind of health benefits and can even contribute to bloating. Similarly, you can have Mufas, green tea and cucumber apart from other fruits (watermelon, leeks, celery and asparagus) and green vegetable, which can be a perfect diet for your weight-loss program.

Get loads of R & R

In your efforts to lose your body weight, it is imperative to relax every day. If you are stressed, you get a hormone called Cortisol releasing that can collect in your body bringing in fat at the centre. This can even hamper your digestion process, which can lead the food in a hanging position in your gut that can bring in issues like bloating. A nice and healthy sleep is really important for having a healthy digestion and getting a better appetite control as well.

Wrapping Up

If you are keen to pursue your own weight loss program, the above four points can help you in reducing your weight to a great extent. All you need to do is to stick to your program and see how things go in your favour in the mission of reducing weight.

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