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Traffic Noise can cause Pot Belly: Study

The people who are often exposed to a combination of road, rail and airplane’s noise are at higher risk of developing issues like pot belly, reveals a new Swedish study. The issues like sound pollution coming in the form of road traffic noise is generally linked to boosting up the risk of developing a certain mid-riff bulge claimed the study. If you are exposed to a blend of road traffic noise along with rail and the aircraft noises, these may pose some of the greatest risks of acquiring a spare tire, which is nothing but the central obesity problem. It is considered to be one of the most fatal types of fat deposition, which is found around the body as claimed by the study.

As per the researchers, people living in urban areas close to the high traffic zone including road traffic, rail, and aircraft noise are reported with these medical conditions, which bring in further problems. This study was published in one of the journals based on Occupational & Environmental Medicine, which indicated no links in between the road traffic noise and the BMI (Body Mass Index). However, there was a connection seen in between road traffic noise and the waist size that seen changing for people living closer to places pitted with sound pollution.

At the same time, the issues like noise exposure can be an important physiological stress as well, which can boost up the production of the hormone cortical to a greater extent inviting other problems as well. All these issues are often due to the fat deposition, which seems to come up over the middle of the body, claimed the researchers. With this you can experience certain other health issues as well.

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