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Top Controversies of Shraddha Kapoor That Shocked Bollywood

The star who’s none for her greatest attitude turned somewhat really pathetic in the entire globe, don’t believe this right? Check these one by one, triggering with the one that showed off her Tantrums..

Tantrums: With the toughest attitude ever she’ always stand out to be the alone Bollywood celebs having some fire catching cum high handed behavior with the city’s paparazzi left them none too pleased.

shraddha kapoor Tantrums

Paparazzi Boycott: The most dreadful scene which was created during the promotions of Ek Villain, as per the sources the photographers refused to click any photos until she had left the venue just because of some misconception. As per the sources she also added her statements on the same as – “I was told to be ready by 1 pm and I was ready 15 minutes before time. But the shoot was delayed due to some production hassles. I was waiting in my vanity van, impatiently, unaware that the lensmen were also waiting for hours for me. Often, we actors have no idea when the media is called and this causes miscommunication.” – As per the sources.

shraddha kapoor Paparazzi Boycott

Fabby n Dautty Sizzle: Here again she found to be the rolling and stubborn daughter for her renowned father Shakti Kapoor, wherein she was always found to be controversial in the news for her mood swings and temper tantrums.

Hidden cum Explosive Secret Affair with Aditya Roy Kapur: The unspoken but indeed a bitter truth for both the lovely couple soon after executing a marvelous movie ‘Aashiqui 2’ in the Bollywood

Fabby n Dautty Sizzle

Unfortunate Wardrobe Malfunction: The unbelievable incident occurred when she was unknowingly captured by the high powered camera lenses that don’t mix. Wherein she was wearing a short hemlines sitting down in front of photographers.

shraddha kapoor Wardrobe Malfunction

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