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Top 5 Trivial Mistakes in the film Sanju

Undoubtedly, the film Sanju made on the life of Sanjay Dutt has been the most awaited movies in B Town. Perhaps, this is the only reason why in just three days despite having no holiday (except Sunday), it entered into the 100 crore club. All thanks to the controversial life of one of the big stars of Bollywood apart from some of the best actors performing in it.  The B Town actor Ranbir Kapoor was simply incredible at the silver screen that attracted the audience far and wide. Well, that has not kept the film to come out without mistakes. There are several trivial mistakes that remain insane in the film, how about checking the five mistakes as under:
1). Mistake 1 – Changing Injury

Mistake 1 – Changing Injury

As we see Ranbir Kapoor in one of the scenes when he is injured in the hospital, his injury is seen over the left side of the head. The very next scene, he was seen in the bus with his head injury on the opposite side.
2). Mistake 2 – Invisible Cigarette
Mistake 2 – Invisible Cigarette
In the infamous scene of the toilet seat scene, he was seen with a cigarette in his mouth and the next moment it is invisible as he is seen covered by the commode and when Sonam comes in his way.
3). Mistake 3 – Invisible Cloth on Sanju’s knee
Mistake 3 – Invisible Cloth on Sanju’s knee
In one of the scenes, the actor Sayaji Shinde is seen opening fire to scare Sanju. During this scene one can find a cloth seen on his knee. However, the very next moment the position of the cloth was seen changing automatically. From the knee, it then shifts to other part of the knee.
4). Mistake 4 – Missing Shadow
Mistake 4 – Missing Shadow
In one of the scenes, we see Sanju coming down over the plane to see the shadow falling behind him and then he is seen walking over the floor to see the shadow appearing from somewhere. Thus it becomes interesting to catch.
5. Mistake 5 – Invisible Man
Mistake 5 – Invisible
As we see this scene, we see Mahesh Manjrekar asking about Sanju and then finds a man behind him and then vanishes the next moment.
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