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Top 5 nourishing foodstuffs that help your anxiety level

We all are a part of a world where stress and anxiety are very common. Be it work-life stress or personal life peer pressure, the human body produces the pressure which leads to a harmful health cycle.

Today, let us talk about the release or low down the anxiety level out of these quick food items which can be easily available in your house.

1 Chocolate
Well, yes chocolates can lower your anxiety as it relaxes your nerves. Also, dark chocolates are the most preferred ones because dark chocolate contains compounds of nutrients that make up antioxidants that soothe your anxiousness.

2 Tea
Do you know, why do workaholic people drink a lot of cups of tea. herbs like lavender, chamomile, green tea leaves in tea contain antioxidants that calm your nerves. Not only this, but tea can also be beneficial for your good sleep and detoxification.

3 Nuts
Your everyday go-to nuts like almonds, walnuts, etc are very much helpful for your health. Nuts contain proteins and magnesium that help in preserving the body’s neurotransmitters and sustaining brain functioning.

4 Vitamin C
Fruits that contain Vitamin C like Oranges, Limes and Grapes are very much helpful for your nerves. Not just fruits green leafy vegetables such as spinach, cabbage, lettuce and parsley also control the anxiety.

5 Yoghurt
Dahi aka Yoghurt is usually found in our Kitchens as we Indians use a lot of Dahi. One should eat at least a small cup of Dahi after the mid-meal to calm your body and to heal the heat prepared inside your body.

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