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Top 10 Worst Things About Bollywood Movies

worst things about Bollywood

Bollywood is among the biggest industry of filmmaking in the world. Apart from having a number of positive aspects about the same, you can find a number of negative stuff as well, which gives at times a bad name to this world. Whether you love or hate it, the fact is the B Town movies are pitted with a couple of bad elements, which should be eliminated to make it a big and better industry to promote talent and cool movies in it. Let’s check the top 10 worst things about Bollywood as under:

1). Overrated Actors and Actresses

Believe it or not, but around a sizable amount of actors and actresses in Bollywood cannot act properly. You can find Katrina an actress with a good face but she lags behind in acting skills. The fact is you can name a number of actors and actresses who are present in B Town movies just because they have God fathers in the form of their parents actors and directors otherwise they are simply horrible in their acting skills.

2). Zero Story Line

Most of the movies made in Bollywood lack good story or script. The fact is in Bollywood around 3000 movies are produced every year but very few are known to have good storyline. A majority of movies are found with senseless dancing and never ending songs seen either over the beaches or the mountain tops. Even though if any movies comes out with a good plot, you would soon realise that it is a rip off of any Hollywood movie.

3). Glamorized Depiction of our Country

The Bollywood movies simply tend to glamorize India by showing Indian among the most developed nations having loads of fashion, elite clubs and high end places to dwell and enjoy. However, the fact is a majority of Indian still live under poverty line away from the glamour, which these movies portray about the country.

4). Unrealistic climax

Movies like Kuch Kuch sizzlinga can be called as a cool movie, however, the climax was unrealistic when the lady simply stand in the wait to see her would be hubby to make her settle down with her old love. Similarly most of the movies carry farfetched climax, which more often are very much difficult to digest.

5). The world’s obsession with Bollywood celebrities

More often it is being portrayed by the media that Bollywood celebrities have fans all over the world be it US, UK or Europe. Do they really have craze to know when Aishwarya is giving birth to her baby or when Katrina ditched Salman Khan to marry Ranbir. The fact is these movies are being portrayed to have fans all over the world of Bollywood actors, which is not the case as claimed by them and the media.

6). The disappearance of Clothes in B Town movies

The Bollywood movies will give you a picture that we have a dearth of clothes in India. The actreses these days dress up horribly by having lesser and lesser clothes on their bodies. In fact, at times the actresses in Hollywood dress better than the B Town movies. This has simply boosted up the raunchiness and obscenity in the Bollywood movies, which is certainly not required.

7). The Invasion of Bollywood on other media

It is dejecting to see how TV Channels and other forms of media have being overshadowed by obscene Bollywood movies and songs. In fact, most of the channels are now being replaced by Bollywood channels by the Cable TV operators.

8). Non Sense Lyrics

This has reached to a new height, in fact, with every movie the decay of the standards of lyrics has fallen down. The songs we hear today is simply horrible and hardly worthy enough to be heard for making our minds fresh and alive. Weird lyrics, bad words and improper language has replaced the lyrics of any song today in any Bollywood movie.

9). Horrible dance steps and sequences in Bollywood

Most of the choreographers fail to invent something really new and interesting in Bollywood movies. Most of the movies have some of the worst dance steps and sequences, which are hard to digest and understand.

10). Lure to make more profit

Another hated thing about Bollywood movies is that the most of the filmmakers are only interested in making movies to make money. No art, culture or anything creativity comes in their mind, which can make and shape the society rather than hampering the one.

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