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Top 10 unknown and interesting facts about Alia Bhatt

alia bhatt facts

Alia Bhatt seems to be the talk of town since she debuted in Karan Johar’s movie called Student of the Year in 2012 with Siddharth and Varun. She then did a couple of movies, with three back to back movies in 2014- Highway, 2 States and now the recent ones called Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. She is barely 21 and is among the successful B Town actors. It would be rather fair to explore a couple of interesting facts about her life, which are discussed here. Let’s look at her top 10 interesting and unknown facts about this girl from Bhatt clan.

1). Alia bhatt Graduated in May 2011

The Highway actress graduated in May 2011 from Jamnabai Narsee School IBDP. She is born to Mahesh Bhatt and Soni Razdan and hence is the half sister of Pooja and Rahut Bhatt.

2). Aloo is her pet name

Not many would know that her pet name was Aloo, which came for the reason as she was the fat kid in the family. In fact, before doing the movie, Karan has asked her to lose weight and she then lost her 16 kgs of extra kilos from her body.

3). Student of the Year is not her first movie

Surprised? Well, yes the movie Student of The Year is not her debut movie. She appeared in Sangharsh as child artist playing the character of younger Preity Zinta.

4). Highway became her first movie to record her playback singing

Alia Bhatt was seen doing some playback singing for the first time for her movie Highway. For this she took some training from the music school belonging to A R Rahman.

5). Alia is Bebo’s Fan

She has confessed at a couple of times that she is a big fan of Kareena Kapoor though she never copies her. However, you may find her resembling a lot to Bebo, but that doesn’t sound to be coincidence as she is her big fan. Now, she has changed this list and point out towards Aishwariya Rai.

6). Alia loved her loneliness

During her school days she was much known for being brooder and dreamer. She often was seen without her so many friends at time by spending time alone, though these days she seems to turn effervescent and vivacious girl of the town partying part with her friends.

7). She calls Parineeti Chauhan her competitor

In the list of certain contemporary actresses, she like Deepika Padukone, however, she ends up calling Parineeti as her big rival in the industry.

8). She gets attracts to smell first than any other thing

When it comes to recognizing someone, she does it with the help of smell. In fact, this is something, which attracts her than any other things in any personality.

9). She wears men’s perfume

Believe it or not, but she is seen wearing men’s perfume rather trying some female ones. However, she keeps on changing every now the then to try out something new each time.

10). She is born as an atheist

Though she was heard saying that she fasted in the holy of Ramzan with her father, yet since her childhood, she was not connected to any religion. She is been brought up without any religion and hence at times she calls herself as an atheist.

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