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Top 10 unknown facts about Rajnikant

unkown fact of Rajnikant

Rajnikant is legendary actor who is known for his amazing acting skills and movies all over India. Rajnikant has worked hard to get in position today he is in. On his journey to get on top the star has done many things which you might be unaware of. Have a look at Top 10 things you might not know about Rajnikant.


1) Rajinikant was originally named Shivaji Rao Gaikwad. The star lived in Bangalore and started doing odd jobs early in his career to make money.

2 ) Rajinikant has done job of bus conductor and has also done work of coolie to earn living.

3 ) Not many people know that sir Rajini is actually a Maharashtrian.

4) However the actor has not worked in any Marathi film till date.

5) The actor has worked and played role in Tamil, Telgu, Kannada, Malayalam, Hindi, Bengali and even in English film.

6) The south Indian actor is known for his ability to play diverse roles. Be it the role of a robot or a man with blonde mustache or any other, the star is never afraid of any character when it comes to acting.

7) With so much action and bloodshed in films today, you may get amazed to know that Rajinikant has never ever hurt himself in any of his films.

8) The actor also has not been filmed dead in his entire filming career. Reason behind it is that film makers are too afraid that if they film sir Rajini dead, his fans will create great havoc all over country and might burn down theaters.

9) After the release of Shivaji, Rajnikant become the most paid actor in entire Asia only after Jackie Chan. The actor took home salary worth more than 26 crores.

10) Controversy in his career till now has been its dance steps and sequences done along with controversial south Indian actress famous with name Silk Smitha. So that how interesting sir Rajini’s career has been till now and we wish him even great success ahead.

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