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Top 10 Strongest Female Characters in Bollywood

Though Bollywood is often been castigated for not giving a fair share to the lady actors, yet there are many movies, which have been a women dominated film. Despite having the allegation of seeing the actresses to boost up the sex appeal of the movie, yet Bollywood is not short of films, which given justice to character that dominated on others. How about exploring the list of top 10 strongest female characters in Bollywood as under:

1). No One Killed Jessica

No One Killed Jessica

This film is based on the case of killing of Jessica Lall, which dominated two ladies in the film- Meera Gaity played by Rani Mukherji and Sabrina Lall played by Vidya Balan. The film showcased the way the man who killed the model in the presence of 200 people in the restaurant and yet gets away from punishment. However, the case reopened with the efforts of Media, which finally gave justice to the victim.

2). Queen


No one forget Queen and the performance of Kangana Ranaut in the film playing the character of Rani in it. She was fantastic in her character and stole the show at most of the award functions challenging the man’s world in Bollywood.

3). Chandni Bar

Chandni Bar

Tabu was seen in this film giving her one of the best performance. She was smart and competent to play this character of a tolerant bar girl in the film.

4). Mary Kom

Mary Kom

It is a real story of a lady boxer from outskirts of our country who made India proud for winning Olympic medals thrice. Priyanka Chopra left no stone unturned to play this character and dominated in the entire film also winning the best film at several award functions.

5). Mardani


Once again Rani is back playing a tough character of a lady inspector who leaves no stone unturned to nail a culprit who is the mastermind of female trafficking. She was able to crack the case and breaks the nexus of child trafficking cases.

6). English Vinglish

English Vinglish

This film gave Sri Devi a good comeback, which was directed by Gauri Shinde. The film revolved around the life of a lady who fails to speak English but copes up to overcome this lacuna to steal the show.

7). The Dirty Picture

The Dirty Picture

Vidya Balan was smart enough to play the character of Silk a actress from the south and bold version of fierce desire, which had made her the talk of the town. Vidya was simply incredible while playing this character over the silver screen.

8). Black


Once again Rani simply cornered everyone with her incredible performance of a lady in a deaf and dump avatar. She won a number of awards for the same for playing a robust character of such a girl.

9). Kahaani


Who can forget the role of Vidya Balan in film Kahaani, which she played so skilfully. This is considered to be among the best and strongest roles played by her.

10). Lajja


This film dominated only to women showcasing the exploitation and other false practises, which women in India have been facing from long. A number of actress who played in this film included Madhuri Dixit, Manisha Koirala, and many more who did a wonderful performance in the film.

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