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Top 10 Reasons Why Most People Find Bollywood Cringeworthy

Indians love Bollywood with all their hearts, don’t they? No matter how deeply inclined we are towards Hollywood, we can never miss a big Bollywood release from a certain Yash Raj or UTV Movies banner. We eagerly await the BIG films of the year and make sure not to miss them. But what is it about Bollywood that we simply hate? A lot of things, I would say. Though we are big fans of Hindi movies, we at times do get irritated by OTT films. There are many, many reasons. Here are few which everyone can relate to.

  • Clichés

These are something Bollywood can never get done with. So many promising new filmmakers on the block, but none seem to get out of the cliché created over the last hundred years of Hindi cinema. So, half the fun of a film is wasted. How many of us really like to see heroines running at the climax scene, or brides running away from their marriages, or a quintessential Indian mother getting the vibration of her son’s footsteps miles away as he lands on his hometown? Too much, isn’t it? Its about time filmmakers have to stop this and do something new, something fresh.

  • Plagiarism

Okay, another thing Bollywood has been doing shamelessly over the past few years. Copying and pasting Hollywood films or films down south has been a trend for quite some time now. And the worst part? Most of them are big hits. The movie watching experience goes worse when we have watched the cult original film and it has been well seeded in our hearts. Movies like Ghajini, Bodyguard, Hey Babyy, Murder and lots more were simply a frame by frame copy of their original versions.

  • Where is the logic?
Where is the logic?
Where is the logic?

The last thing you can expect from a Bollywood film is logic. A handicapped man can fight goons double his size, a blind man can sing and dance his way to life, the hero can kills a gang of goons with one small stick, whereas the goons are carrying high tech weapons. These are only small examples. On a Sunday afternoon why don’t you just decide to play all the old Hindi DVDs from your collection? You will know what this point means.

  • Heroines are mere showpieces
Heroines are mere showpieces
Heroines are mere showpieces

No matter how much we talk about women empowerment and women centric films, heroines will always remain a showpiece, who are just there to wear teeny weeny clothes and increase the glamour quotient of the film. They are mostly seen in song sequences or dream sequences and almost disappear towards the end of the film. It was sad how a high profile star like Katrina Kaif was misused in Dhoom 3. Of course, there are movies where women play central roles, but do they get the reception as well as mainstream Hindi cinema?

  • Poor Story Line
Poor Story Line
Poor Story Line

While most of the films are copies of their original versions, there are few films that score high on originality. These, again, are the very films that have poor storyline. We have a great cast, great songs, but where is the story, we ask. The Farhan Akhtar release, Shaadi Ke side Effects holds a good example. We had a lot of expectations, as Farhan Akhtar and Vidya Balan together HAD to deliver a blockbuster. But the loose storyline and the lack of a binding factor led to the film being a disaster.

  • Song and Dance sequences
Song and Dance sequences
Song and Dance sequences

What happens when the film reaches its most interesting part? A song pops up from nowhere and boom! All the fun of the film is gone. We Indians do like music and it is true that a film is incomplete without music, but why can’t filmmakers understand that they should instead work the background score instead of incorporating useless songs into an otherwise fun film?

  • nooky is Still a Taboo

When two people are in love, they are bound to make love. We all understand this universal rule. Why can’t Indian filmmakers accept this fact and move on? Okay, we do not demand frontal nudity. But what is it with this blurred scenes and lead actresses making love in spaghettis? Who on earth does that? All we talk about is realistic films. nooky is a reality. The sooner we accept, the better it is for the sinking fortunes of Bollywood.

  • Same old fight sequences

God, what is wrong with our screen idols? When on earth will they stop fighting like our mythological heroes? Flying goons, flying cars, smashed vegetables. Hilarious! Why don’t our filmmakers take a look at their Hollywood counterparts and introduce at least a little amount of rationality in fight sequences?

  • The Hero Always Survives

Hindi film heroes are gods on screen. They are goodness personified. At the end when he is shot with four bullets and a knife dangling from his waist, he still saves an entire village from the goons, fights them, kills them all, professes his love for the heroine, asks his family to stay safe, and at last, manages to survive and hence give a happy ending to every film. Enough now!

  • Why you no act?

Plastic, plastic, plastic all around. Most of the contemporaries can act, the very reason for which they are here. Though Deepika Padukone has shown progress and Parineeti Chopra is a natural actress, but what about the rest? Shruti Haasan, Shraddha Kapoor, Siddharth Malhotra, Varun Dhawan, Katrina Kaif, all of them are so artificial, that while watching the movie, we ourselves feel like getting inside the camera and act the bit for them.

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