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Top 10 interesting facts about A R Rahman

The Music Maetro – A R Rahman is among the most versatile music composers and skilled playback singers in India. With his ardent dexterity in music, he has won hearts of millions of fans not just in India but all across the world. Rahman is synonmous to a music academy and popular for captivating and stupendous performances. At this juncture, when he has turned 47 today, it would be interesting to explore the top 10 interesting facts about A R Rahman as under:

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1). Backbencher at School

Unlike Albert Eintein, A R Rahman too was known as a backbencher in his school days. In fact, school was like curse to him, which subsequently compelled the authorities to ask him to leave owing to poor attendance when he was 15 years of age.

2). Born Hindu Converted to Islam

Not many would know that A R Rahman was originally a Hindu with a name Dileep Kumar, however, during his adoscelent he converted to Islam when a man called Sheikh Abdul Quadir from a local shrine treated his sister from a very fatal medical ailment.  He named himself as Allah Rakha Rahman.

3). Passion for Gaming

After music if anything, which is counted as his passion, it is nothing but gaming. During his leisure, he loves to play video games with his three children, Khatija, Rahima and his son Ameen.

4). Computer science was his aspiration

During his childhood he wanted to be a computer engineer since he was immensely fascinated by technology and electronic devices when he was a kid. However, the loss of computer science led to music, giving the world one of the greatest musician.

5). No Birthday celebration

A R Rahman simply do not like to celebrate his birthday in a big way. Being modest in nature, he loves to celebrate his big day by offering morning prayers, visiting orphanage and doing charity.

6). Incredible birthday coincidence

Interestingly, his birth month and date falls similar to his son’s birthday. Hence he often shares his big day with his son.

7). A social servant by heart

A R Rahman is known for working for different social causes, however, he remains away from the fame and name to focus in his work.

8). Wardrobe Conscious man

Rahman is very much conscious about his dressing especially when he has to appear in any of the bigger events like film festivals. He seeks the help of two people, first his wife and next comes a designer from Mumbai called Deepak who all help in selecting the right dress for the events.

9). Makes India Proud

A R Rahman is the only Indian musician who was featured in the prestigious list of best selling musician all across the world.

10). Small abode

He doesn’t own any Mannat or a Galaxy apartment to live in, however, lives in a small and simple two story building based at a place called Kodambakkam.

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