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Top 10 Horror Movies in Bollywood Will Make You Scared

Bollywood movies are known to churn out in different shades and themes and horror is no exception. The fact is whenever you can think of Bollywood, horror has been its favourite subject, which a number of filmmakers have touched and embarked with their own movies. Though most of them appear to be gore and full of melodrama, however, there are few, which still continue to haunt and terrify the moment you think of the same. So, how about exploring the list of top 10 horror movies in Bollywood as under:

1). Mahal

This is perhaps the most earlier horror movies of Bollywood, which is based on the reincarnation by the veteran director Kamal Amrohi. The most has Ashok Kumar in the lead role and was considered to be among the path breaking supernatural suspense thriller, which even was the debut movie for veterans like Lata Mangeshkar and Madbhubala.

2). Kohraa


Next comes Kohraa, which was adapted by one of the popular novel called Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier written in 1938. The movie even bagged the Alfred Hitchcock’s Academy Award. The movie is all about a plot twist found at the end with loads of horror elements to enjoy in the movie.

3). Bhoot Bangla

Bhoot Bangla

The movie was directed and written by Mehmood wherein he also did the lead role in it. The movie was a killing musical thriller wherein you see a number of ghosts dancing and singing. Mehmood did his debut with this movie and soon it helped the actor to carve his niche as a comedian in Bollywood.

4). Phir Wahi Raat

Phir Wahi Raat

It was a suspense thriller with Danny Denzongpa in the lead character, which turned out to become the biggest hit of eighties. The movie has Rajesh Khanna apart from Danny and the story revolves around the live of a young woman (played by Kim Yashpal) who suffer a lot from extreme nightmares and goes to find the treatment for the same.

5). Kaun


The movie is basically a cult of a man who claim to be a nice person in his role of a police officer. He then take advantages of woman who remain alone in the house giving his clean image impression. The movie is considered to be among the top thrillers found in Bollywood.

6). Raaz


This movie was is basically inspired by the film called What Lies Beneath. The lead roles in the movie had Bipasha Basu, Ashutosh Rana and others. The movie showcased the ghost haunting in a very different and scary way, and you can certainly enjoy the eerie plot of the same apart from getting haunted and scared.

7). Bhoot


This is a popular horror movie from Ram Gopal Verma who is known to make different movies in Bollywood. You can find whole lot of crazy moments in it that would make you scared, which can haunt you later as well.

8). Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra

The movie is again by Ram Gopal Verma, which revolves around the family who shifts to a new place and faces the problem with Vastu. You can find something weird and scary around the house wherein the family settles down.

9). 1920

1920 movie

The movie deals with a haunted house, which was produced and directed by Vikram Bhatt. You can find some of the best locations in it, while as the movie reaches to climax it turns out to be very much scary.

10). Ragini MMS

Ragini MMS

The movie deals with a video footage of a young girl called Ragini. The horror movie is inspired by the Hollywood movie called Paranormal Activity. The lead roles include Raj Kumar Yadav and Kainaz Motivala. The movie was able to scare a lot who have watched it.

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