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Top 10 Bollywood star kids who failed at the box office

star kids who failed at the box office

Bollywood has been known to have stars that are time and again seen promoting their kids. Although not every star kid who is born with a silver spoon in his mouth is not destined to create the same kind of buzz unlike their parents. There are only few limited number of star kids like Ranbir or Kajol who were able to have the same aura unlike their parents had. As we often remember the winners and not the losers, you can find several star kids failing flat over the box office. Let’s check some top ten in this category:

1). Uday Chopra

Uday comes from a very prestigious family of Bollywood- the Chopras when both his father and uncle were among the top filmmakers in B Town. Indeed, no one can better than this, however, Uday seems to have restricted only the Dhoom series. Though he started with Mohabbatein but couldn’t do much better having no star value to make the difference over the Box office.

2). Harman Baweja

Another man in the B town who comes from a very influential family when both his parents are famous producers is Harman Baweja. He debuted with the movie Love Story 2050 opposite Priyanka Chopra, however, he failed to see his career moving. He is now in news again for dating Bips and not for any acting avenue.

3). Riya Sen

Riya comes from a big filmy lineage, right from her elder sister Raima Sen to mom Moon Moon Sen and her grandmom Suchitra Sen. Though Raima has carried forward well ahead in her Bollywood career, Riya has nothing much vital in her B Town career except being remembered for the MMS scandal with Ashmit Patel.

4). Fardeen Khan

He is the son of one of the most stylish icon in Bollywood called the late Feroz Khan who was popular actor and director of his team. Fardeen got a good launch pad for his career in Bollywood, but he failed time and again, his first movie – Prem Agan was nothing but a shock to the audience.

5). Esha Deol

She is a son of Hema Malini and Dharam pa ji, who had their good times in Bollywood, which are still remembered. However, most of her movies were a bad flop thanks to her substandard acting, which made her lag behind others in Bollywood. Though with Dhoom she got a hope but her upcoming movie like Tell Me O Kkhuda really was drowned over Box Office. She is finally settled down with her marriage and now has embarked with her production company to make films.

6). Arya Babbar

He is the son of ace actor Raj Babbar and Nadira Babbar, however, he failed in the B Town giving average performances in his movies. Most of his movies are termed out as flop in the industry.

7). Puru Rajkumar

He is the son of the most powerful actor called Raj Kumar but simply failed to get the right slot in his Bollywood career. He was seen in the movie called Bal Bramhachari opposite Karishma Kapoor, but it turned out to be a big flop soon. His next movies like Mission Kashmir, Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai couldn’t do well over the box office making him as a failure over Box Office.

8). Shadaab Khan

He is born in a popular B Town star Amjad Khan. Though he got a decent response in his debut movie called Raja Ki Aayegi Baraat, wherein he played the lead role against Rani Mukherji. Though Rani was seen escalating higher over her Bollywood career but Shadaab with some bad choices was seen losing his career.

9). Suneil Anand

The son of great Bollywood actor and director Dev Anand simply failed to rise up in B Town. Dev Anand was seen launching his son in a movie called Anand Aur Anand in the year 1984, wherein both of them worked. However, it collapsed very much badly, while he was even seen in other movies as well, which was similar to his debut one- flop over the box office.

10). Adhyayan Suman

He is the son of Shekhar Sumar who had good time at Bollywood, however, when his son debuted in Haal E Dil, he was seen badly shattered. Even his next movie called Heartless badly closed over Box office making him as an average star of B Town.

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