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Top 10 Bollywood hero types

Top 10 Bollywood hero types

One of the popular phrases you hear from the B Town actors is – I am an actor, I try to do different roles, I am very much versatile, etc. They try to do different movies to play different characters, yet somehow they are tagged in their own hero types or tags. We can find the top 10 characters of the current day Bollywood wherein we have given face to them. Let’s check the top 10 Bollywood hero types as under:

1). Akshay Kumar – Action Addict

Akshay Kumar is a Punjabi boy with an Indian Jackie Chan tag. He is simply addicted to adventure, who happens to be a true khiladi when it comes to bashing up his villains and dating a couple of his co-stars. He is among the fittest actor in B Town having a black belt in Taekwondo and has even learnt Muay Thai, which is also one of the form of martial arts from Bangkok. You can find some of the best actions from films like Baby, Holiday, Rowdy Rathore, etc.

2). Ajay Devgn- Simply Serious

This man is a no nonsense actor, who is away from drunken brawls, arrogance or torrid affairs. This makes him a non controversial actor. Since his first movie till date, he is known as a non controversial film staying as a composed and grounded celebrity with no fuss or tantrums. Though he may not be a cool looking hunk, but has managed to carve his niche who is equally competent in both the domains – action or drama. Some of his brilliant movies include Company, Omkara, Yuve, Singham, etc.

3). Hrithik Roshan – Cry Baby

He could be known as a greek actor who is among the most serious kind of actor in contemporary cinema. He is known for his perfection, right from his physique to dance and other things, yet not a single movie of his goes without seeing his tears like a baby. To name a few, you have on ten. But is there any movie of his where he hasn’t cried… Like a baby! Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Na Tum Jaano Na Hum, Yaadein, Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Agneepath and Koi Mil Gaya.

4). John Abraham– Stud

Most of the movies of John Abraham will have stills showing his dimples, torso or diceps. Though the women audience will not mind seeing him like this, however, in his career of a decade, not a single movie has gone wherein he has not stripped off his shirt, which include right from his first movie Jism to Housefull 2.

5). Ranbir Kapoor – The Buffoon

Right from his first film wherein he danced with his towel to the singing star in Rockstar, he is simply a man with a clown. Regardless of the nature of the film he is doing, you will find him submissive push over lost somewhere. Check out his Wake Up Sid wherein he has played the character of a confused adult, or in Rocket Singh wherein wherein he plays a man who wants to earn quicker bucks.

6). Saif Ali Khan – Smooth Operator

We have him from pansy-boy in Parampara to the classy agent in Agent Vinod. Though in the last nineties, he had to struggle playing with over sized shirts to play second leads till he got Dil Chahta Hai, which simply transformed his career in Bollywood. Since then he was remembered for his performances in his smooth persona and with his comic timing, he has impressed the audience giving a couple of hit movies over the box office.

7). Salman Khan – Lover Bhai

Everyone in the industry and outside the B Town is waiting to see the most eligible bachelor of the town – Salman Khan to marry. However, he keeps on dodging this question since long and still is happy, alive and healthy apart from being available. However, as you dig deep, he is known as a lover bhai in the industry, which may keep away from him to settle down in his life. Though he has dated the top actresses in Bollywood still he is happy and available. Well, both the Bhais the underworld don or the brother gives women less reason to settle down with him.

8). Shah Rukh Khan- The Hero

One of the best tag, which suits this actor of B Town is the Hero with larger than life image and passion to see the name of his near ones in his blood and his chest. In his movies, he never plays a second lead. All his movies centres him around himself. Off camera, SRK is witty, charming and even arrogant, but has one of the craziest kinds of fan following in the world and seeing him one of the leading brand ambassador of biggest brands of the world make him the real hero of off and on screen.

9). Sanjay Dutt- Baba

You may not Ramdev Baba but of course Sanjay Dutt as B Town’s baba as rightly pointed out by Salman Khan in one of his interviews. He may be the object of hate and love for people all across the world. He may be among the actors to have a roller coaster life, losing his wife, mother, father and even his daughter, even behind the bars for having illegal arms and so on, yet his image in the eyes of his fan and friends is of Sanju Baba.

10). Shahid Kapoor- Forever 21

Even if he turns the age of 100 years, he will somewhere have the charm of a chocolate boy. His face is never seen getting older. Right from coming from the background dance in the movie Taal to movies like Jab We Met, Haider, Kaminey, etc., he is still seen with the same look of a 21 year old guy.

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