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Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Who Are Bad Dancers

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The movies in Bollywood are all about dance, music and songs with little bit of story and plot. At least, if you check the movies of recent times, you can very well accept this irony. Hence you can find a number of actors and actresses who really dance very well, however, on the flip side, you can even find some of the best actresses who are among the bad dancers. They could be known for their acting skills and even have given a couple of big hits, yet happen to be a bad dance, how about exploring the list of top 10 Bollywood Actresses who happen to be bad dances as under:

1). Nargis Fakhri

If you have watched her dancing in the recently released Kick of Salman Khan, you must have seen her dancing, however, with a closer look, you can very well make out that she danced miserably. However, post her Dhanting Naach, everyone expected her to give a better dance performance, but she has disappointed the audience and critics. If you check her signature step closely, you would understand how bad she was in her dance and would even would curse the choreographer who brought her forth for the item number Yaar Na Miley.

2). Tabu

She is known as a good actress, with several awards in her bag for her exceptional performance in different movies, however, closely checking her dance numbers, she has faltered to establish her name in dancing. However, she has not danced in too many films except on the songs like Rang De (Thakshak) and Mhare Hiwda Mein Naache Mor (Hum Sath Sath Hain), however, checking her performance, she appeared too stiff in these sequences and failed to dance freely. Every other song, she has performed, she was seen in the same avatar making her eligible to be in this list.

3). Kalki Koechlin

Kalki is successful in winning her hearts for a number of versatile performances though, but when you talk about dance, she seems to be lagging behind the row. Though her dance was seen in just one song – Badtameez Dil (Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani) but that was more than enough to make out how miserable she can dance. She was seen lacking the rhythm but at the same time failed in the co-ordination. And if you check her hand movements, it was nothing but humorous. She could be a good actress, but certainly not a good dancer.

4). Vidya Balan

Don’t get surprised to see her name in this list despite giving a couple of dazzling item numbers. However, if you check her initial day’s performances from movies like Kismat Konnection, Heyy Baby, and Salaam E Ishq, she seemed very much uncomfortable while dancing with her co-stars. Even her broad frame failed to give the right feminine feel and touch for dancing, however, over the years, she has developed good dancing skills and excelled over songs like Mala Jhau De and Ooh La La.

5). Huma Quershi

She can simply kill anyone with her voluptuous looks, however, her broad frame simply restricts her to have a good dancer. Although, in the song Womaniya from the movie Gangs of Wasseypur, she has stolen heart, however, digging deep can reveal that she isn’t a great dance, thanks to her bulgy figure.

6). Sonam Kapoor

She is known to be the style icon of B Towh, however, simply lags behind when it comes to dancing. If you want to check her dancing skills, better check her song called Gal Meethi Meethi Bol wherein she seemed faltering. The fact is Sonam Kapoor had often kept herself away from the desi latka jhataks for not having good dancing skills. In fact, her tall fame can certainly accentuate her moves.

7). Neha Dhupia

She is good in her looks and hot in her avatar but when it comes to dancing, she seems to be far behind. The gorgeous actress is certainly among the tallest actresses in B Town, but fails in her dancing domain. Her tall frame comes in the way of flexibility. Neha is cool, firm and robotic, however, on the dance floor, dancing is simply not very much forte.

8). Nandita Das

This dusky beauty has time and again proved her worth over the silver screen by giving some of the best movies in B Town. In every look in different movies, she appeared very much stunning, however, when it comes to dance, she fails to connecting the right when the lyrics of the song passes through, thus making her a good dancer.

9). Konkana Sen

She is often known for giving some of the best performances in different movies, however, when you talk about dance, she is very much pathetic. Her left feat has been damaging her all her dance moves, which she is seen doing in different performances.

10). Tanishaa Mukerji

This actress got fame while the part and parcel of Bigg Boss house getting link up with Armaan Kohli, while she even went in the bare avatar in the movie Neal n Nikki, however, what keeps her on the back foot, is her dancing skills. This can be vouched from the number Halla Re wherein she faltered wherein she was seen in a rush while finishing her steps, however, later went expressionless a number of times. Tanishaa deserves to be the last in this list, hence placed at the last slot.

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