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Tina Dutta & Kumkum Bhagya stars Reyhana Pandit, Krishna Kaul, Mughda Chapekar, Aparna Mishra come out in support of Zeeshan Khan!

After yesterday night’s Sunday ka vaar show, in which host Karan Johar called up Zeeshan for a dispute that became violent with co-contestant Akshara Singh, Zeeshan Khan’s Kumkum Bhagya costars have come out in his support.

Like most of Zeeshan’s fans, show viewers, and a few other industry names, his Kumkum Bhagya co-stars Reyhana Pandit, Krishna Kaul, and Aparna Mishra took to social media to openly express how they felt Zeeshan was not entirely at fault in the fight and that host Karan Johar was definitely unfair with him throughout the episode.

Following yesterday’s Sunday ka Vaar episode, Zeeshan has received a lot of support from both the business and the audience, who all believe that Zeeshan was unfairly targeted for no legitimate reason!

Actress Tina Datta who was last seen in Naxalbari has always been vocal about fair and unfair. While her name had made the rounds last year for doing Bigg Boss, the actress had written a quirky letter and denied that she was taking up the reality show. Tina took to her social media and wrote, “Right and Wrong shouldn’t change because of who you are or how much work you have done or how many followers you have or whether you are a male or a female. Right and wrong are like black and white, the colors are definite, then why go into the grey areas? Zeeshan was not wrong and not being given a chance on the weekend episode to even give his side is WRONG! For a girl to get physical, to call names, and yet get away and for the boy to bear the brunt is not Fair! And then he’s not even given a chance to speak!!! You can not think that the audience can not see through, our audience today is smart enough to see what is happening….”

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