Tina Akhound-Tabar An Iranian Actress

Tina Akhound-Tabar

There are fewer Actresses around the world who have formal and professional activities in addition to playing professionally in a sport. Tina is an Iranian actress who prepared for boxing competitions 3 years ago. In the last 3 years, Tina has won 5 games, defeating her competitors in 6 games.
Given Tina’s very beautiful face, it was very strange for her to choose boxing, but she showed that her goal and success were more important to her than anything else .
Tina’s mogul can be a good role model for everyone.
Tina faces many restrictions in Iran, but this has not stopped her from giving up her purpose. Every day, she attends heavy training sessions in Tehran’s sports complexes and prepares himself for the tough competition ahead.
In 2008, Tina experienced her first appearance in a feature film, Divorce in Iranian Style. After playing the role of Tina in this film, she received the attention of Iranian directors and filmmakers and managed to make her appearances in various films and make her one of the most beloved Iranian female actors.
She was born on 26th of May 1987 in Tehran and now she lives in Tehran with her parents .

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