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“Till now I don’t have M. S Dhoni’s number”, reveals Ravi Shashtri with more exciting details!

Ravishankar Jayadritha Shastri is the former head coach of the India national cricket team, a cricket commentator and a former captain of the Indian Cricket Team. As a player, he played for the India national cricket team between 1981 and 1992 in both Tests and ODIs. Yesterday, on 26 January Ravi Shastri‘s interview video was uploaded. The interview was taken by Retired Pakistani Cricket Player Shoaib Akthar on his Youtube channel. In the video, he talked about many things regarding the Indian team, the players, the strategies and many more. Ravi Shastri loaded recognition on M. S Dhoni, saying he has not seen a shellfish and created an individual like the previous India commander.
Shastri said he actually doesn’t have Dhoni’s telephone number, featuring that the man from Jharkhand can avoid his contraption for a really long time assuming he needs to.


In his interview he said, “Maine uske jaisa banda Kabhi nahi Dekha” (I haven’t seen a person like him) for M. S Dhoni. He further added M .S is the most chilled and unreal player he saw in his whole career. He also said Sachin has a fantastic temperament but sometimes he also gets angry on the field, but Dhoni never gets angry. He also said “I don’t have his phone number till now because I know he avoids his phone most of the time”.

Meanwhile, Shastri highlighted that Virat Kohli is a charged up person on the field but off the field, the former captain is a completely different character.

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