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Tiktok star AJ collaborated with Tony Kakar for ‘oye its prank’ a prank channel for funny content.

Aj with Tony kakkar

In today’s generation we have seen the success of digitalization, many apps doing successfully on our mobile phones like tiktok, snapchat, WhatsApp and many more. The young generation is very addict to these kind of apps and because of this the reach is going wider people are becoming extremely famous and this is the new marketing trend for companies.
Oye its prank became more viral because of tiktok. The best part is now celebrities started collaboration with our prank channel which really makes me proud. Working with Tony kakar was so amazing both are so grounded and so humble plus supportive it was like I am talking to a friend. Says AJ

AJ’s full name (Ajay Sudarshan Gundu) very few people know this he is born in Hyderabad. He can make his presence felt easily where ever he goes, the content which he carries is very funny without being vulgar making people happy is something which is very difficult says, AJ

He really struggled very hard to reach where he belongs today, the struggle period of oye its prank is 3 years. Nita came on board 6 months ago. She is my good friends she helps me in YouTube and tiktok. It took a long time to come over this title after a deep thought I came up with this title which should strike people’s mind. Earlier I thought in India people will love to see adult content but I was wrong I realized this later that people actually love funny vines and videos.
The turning point of tiktok was the video of cuteness where I ask Nita there is something on your face and then she ask what is that? And I replied ‘cuteness’ after this video my life changed entirely. Since my team is very small so I’m the one who comes up with content. But without teamwork nothing is possible.

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