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Tiger day special: 5 movies in which Tigers have an eye-catching role

The number of Tigers in the world is dangerously alarming. The Tigers that exist around the world are less than thirteen thousand. So every year today we celebrate International Tiger day or also known as global Tiger day, which started in 2010 to ensure that the Tiger doesn’t become extinct.

Tigers also have a prominent role in some Bollywood movies. So here are some of the movies in which the Tiger has a lead role.

Kaal (2005)

The story of the movie is about a few tourists who team up with the village head.  They come together to fight the supernatural who is responsible for killing tourists. A local tourist guide named Kaali guided a group of friends camping in the jungle. Kaali told him how hunting is destroying the jungle. knowing that a local guide started leading tourists killed by Tigers. When it started affecting tourism then other villagers beat that guide and throw him into the Tigers. the movie was directed by Soham Shah and produced by Shah Rukh Khan, Gauri Khan, and Karan Johar

Mr. Natwarlal (1979)

The way Tiger has been used in this movie is brilliant. The villain of the movie Dacoit Vikram was played by Amjad Khan. He used to take the help of a tiger to scare the villagers to leave the village. Then Natwarlal who was played by Amitabh Bachchan puts up a great fight with the Tiger and saves the villages through his heroism.

Khoon Pasina (1977)

The movie was released in the late ’70s during the emergency which was laid by Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The most energetic scene of the movie is when Amitabh Bachchan is seen fighting his best with the Tiger to save Rekha. Bachchan’s character in the movie was also called Tiger. Vinod Khanna who played the 2nd lead was also called shera.

Roar (2014)

The movie is based on a photojournalist who has a project on Sundarbans, he rescues a White Tiger cub and brings him into his home. At night the tigress enters the village and kills the photographer to retrieve the cub. Afterward, his brother who is the captain of an elite commando team comes to the village to claim his brother’s body.

Himmatwala (2013)

The movie was not good for Ajay Devgn’s career except for the fact that he has to fight a Tiger. He saved the people of the village also the heroine of the movie was played by Tamannaah Bhatia. The scene became so popular that even the posters were having Ajay posing with the Tiger.

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