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Tiger 3 First Review Surfaces, Alleging Scene Duplication from ‘Pathaan’ and ‘War’ Shot by Duplicate Salman Khan – What You Need to Know Before Buying into the Claims!

A tweet by ‘News Of Bollywood’ is claiming that Tiger 3, the upcoming film starring Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif, has received negative reviews in a private screening. The tweet claims that the film is a “very bad film” and that the makers have borrowed scenes from previous movies like Tiger Zinda Hai, War, and Pathaan.

If these reports are true, then they are certainly disappointing for fans of the Tiger franchise. Tiger 3 is one of the most anticipated films of the year, and it is expected to be a major box office success. However, if the film is poorly received by critics and audiences, then it could dampen the enthusiasm for the franchise.

It is important to note that these reports are unconfirmed. The makers of Tiger 3 have not yet commented on the tweet, and it is possible that the negative reviews are fake or exaggerated. However, the fact that the tweet is going viral suggests that there is some concern among fans about the quality of the film.

It remains to be seen whether Tiger 3 will live up to expectations. The film is scheduled to be released on Diwali, so we will not have to wait long to find out.

Implications of Negative Reviews

First, it could lead to a lower box office opening. Negative reviews can discourage people from seeing a film, especially if they are coming from trusted critics.

Second, it could damage the reputation of the Tiger franchise. Tiger Zinda Hai was a critical and commercial success, and it helped to establish the Tiger franchise as one of the most popular in Bollywood. However, if Tiger 3 is poorly received, it could damage the reputation of the franchise and make it more difficult for future films to succeed.

Third, it could discourage Salman Khan from making more films in the Tiger franchise. Salman Khan is one of the biggest stars in Bollywood, and he is very protective of his brand. If Tiger 3 is a failure, it could make him less likely to make more films in the Tiger franchise.

Overall, negative reviews could have a number of negative implications for Tiger 3 and the franchise. It is important to note that these reports are unconfirmed, but they are certainly something to watch out for.

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