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Tia Bajpai in Bankey Ki Crazy Baarat

We hardly forget some incidences that give us some shock, thriller and action. Am I wrong on this? Of course not, so if my depiction is fact then I guess you still remembered the thriller, action cum horror movie ‘Haunted 3D’ which was on the floor in 2011, indeed we all remembered the movie thriller and the casting stars as well like the hot and impressive actress ‘Tia Bajpai. And if you are missing her then there is something surprising for you as this time she’s coming up with a splendid presence in Bollywood industry. But this time with a little change in theme sampling the comedy genre with “Bankey Ki Crazy Baarat” as a young girl from Himachal Pradesh along with Vijay Raaz, Rajpal Yadav and Sanjay Mishra as leading roles in the movie

In addition, to this she also depicted her joy in front of media as well, have a look “I think comedy is very difficult genre and it’s all about the right timing. You have to get the timing right with comedy or else it doesn’t work. This is for the first time that I’m doing a comedy film and I’m having all the fun” – As per TOI. However, about her character she said “We have shot the first schedule in Manali. I am playing a Himachali girl, who is very bubbly, happy go lucky and a no nonsense person” – As per TOI. Overall the movie ‘Bankey Ki Crazy Baarat’ would come up with some unique script and punches for sure as it’s all about a wedding where everything goes wrong.

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