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THROWBACK to the time when Raj Kundra’s comment on Salman Khan didn’t go well with the actor’s fans

Since Businessman Raj Kundra caught in the involvement of p*** case he stayed low-key and distanced him from the limelight. Over the years, Kundra has made some statements and one of his comments directed towards Salman Khan created controversy. Although he had later cleared his point of view of his comment via his Twitter handle, fans were still angry with him.

As per Times of India, Raj Kundra had said, “That’s true. And I don’t see any fun in being like him. I can bet Salman doesn’t earn that much. Well, at least nowhere near me. I am in for making films only because my wife has been part of this industry.” As soon as the interview went viral, Salman Khan fans were irked.

After things are getting out of control he clears things by his side. In a tweet he wrote, “To all the SentiMental lot out there in a business interview I was asked would I act, I said as a businessman I am unaffordable..period!!”

Later, the Businessman clarified his statement, he said, “During a recent press conference for Satyug Gold, I was posed with the question of whether I would consider acting. I replied with an honest reply stating, ‘Firstly, who would watch me? Secondly, as a businessman, I would be unaffordable.’ In context to the same question, I further stated an example by drawing a parallel between the monetary earnings of an actor versus that of a businessman. In order to make this simpler, I said ‘What Salman (Since he is number one at the moment it was the first name that came to mind) earns in a year, a businessman earns in a month.’”

He added, “I further went on to say, “Forget me I am a small fish but one can compare the top 10 industrialist earnings to top 10 actors in Bollywood, and whilst one gives you more fame the other certainly pays much better. So, obviously, no producer would overpay to get a bad non-actor when he can sign a superstar for cheaper.”

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