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THROWBACK: Did you know! Govinda signed 70 movies right after the success of Love 86

Bollywood iconic star Govinda is one of the top most actors our industry has. There was a time in the 90’s where the actor was called most bankable actors in the Bollywood. Yes, there was a time where Govinda had signed 70 films at a time just after his debut in Love 86.

Earlier in a media interview the actor was if there was any truth to the rumours that he had signed several films after he first tasted success, To this Govinda nodded and said, “I had 70 films.” When the interviewer asked if he meant he was working in those many films at that time, he replied, “No, I had 70 films at one time.”

The actor explained that had to leave some of them because of the date issues. “Later on, 8-10 closed themselves, or maybe 5-6 did. Then 4-5 films I had to leave because of dates and scheduling,” Govinda added.

Govinda also clarified that why did he signed sp many projects at a time. “The first release was Love 86 where I did romantic comedy and dance. In Ilzaam, my role was emotional. Then, Pyaar Karke Dekho released recently and it had buffoonery type of loud comedy. Next is Sindoor with Neelam, which is a total social film with family subject,” he explained.

Later the actor was asked if he considered getting so much work and working with so many people in such a short time to be a big achievement, Govinda responded, “It’s not an achievement. It just happens. I know that much that often it’s just someone’s time.”

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