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This Modern Yogini and Lifestyle coach can make you look 10 years younger!



Yoga the ancient Indian practice went global in no time due to its innumerable benefits.The world swears by this meditative practice now and it has become a global revolution. The International Day of Yoga is celebrated every year on June 21 to raise global awareness about the benefits of this practice. While there are several gurus who are experts in this popular hindu exercise form we found out a Yogini who is making quite a difference through her yoga sessions. Sunaina Rekhi a lifestyle coach and modern yogini has perfected the traits of yoga and beyond. This yoga master is a unique blend of spiritual and transformational energy and can help you transform your lifestyle with her workshops and teachings. Sunaina is an expert in her art and is trained in multiple forms of yoga from renowned yogic gurus. Due to her effective


workshops and sessions, she is a personal favourite amongst Bollywood celebrities and all across India. This Yogini boasts of clients all over the world. She is been helping her global clients remove obstacles and achieve their highest and happiest reality. Sunaina was training the President of India personally also got a chance to represent the country at the most prestigious platform, the United Nations in New York. Her achievements and her unique talent made it possible for her to inaugurate the International Yoga Day Celebrations Worldwide at The United Nations, New York. A platform where stalwarts such as Sadguru and Sri Sri Ravi Sankar have represented India. Sunaina who is a single mother is always on the go.

The go-getter that she is has come up with two personalised workshops called ‘Fit Skin’ and ‘Spine It Up’. Through these classes, she enables her clients from the corporate and educational institutes to keep their skin clear and retain its glow by learning Yoga Asanas, Pranayama, Face Yoga as well as other practices to improve the stability and flexibility of their spine as well as discover how correct posture along with spinal movement enhance overall sense of well-being. She has worked with as well as received positive response from major brands helping their employees rejuvenate their thoughts, mind and bodies. The Yogic expert’s specially curated plans can effortlessly be weaved into your daily routine, shift mindsets and help build positive relationships with yourself and others. Well, she is definitely the yogini we all need in our lives. What do you guys think?

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